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pjo fanfic comm. moderated posting.

we're trying to tear you apart.
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archive and recs for (actual, well-written) PJO fanfiction
percylicious is a LiveJournal fanfic challenge/archive community dedicated to the hosting and recc-ing of the best Percy Jackson fanfics. We do this purely out of our love and pursuit of the preservation of quality in the Percy Jackson fandom, which has been, for the past year, going down to the dogs.

Stories posted are moderated and taggie-d accordingly. We hold the highest standards and we will reject your fic if it isn't up to the mark. To submit an entry, please join the community. We also specialize in fic contests.

We are not, in any way, shape or form, a flaming system. We are in affiliation with Honest101's forum because they have a similar outlook on the state of the PJO fandom on FF.Net, but we do not believe in flaming nor do we believe that group-flaming is proper etiquette. On occasion, we do give out rather harsh criticism, but we keep it minimal and we critique for the sake of writing, and writing only.

We hope you enjoy your stay here! Have fun and don't smoke anything you shouldn't. n____n

More rules, tags may be found here.
The rules for The Percylicious Challenge Contest may be found here. To affiliate, please contact a mod.

Rules and general guidelines for posting fics:

1) Stories MUST follow the following format in posts:
[user-links okay]
Pairing: [please use the form name/name, though namesquishes are okay, as well]
Rating: [K ~ M style, but G ~ NC-17 is accepted. Any warnings?]
Summary: [Make it short! Don't ramble. XD.]

PLEASE lj-cut everything over 1000 characters. If you need help, click here.

2) All stories must use proper spelling and grammar to the best of the writer's ability. NO CHATSPEAK, NO SELF-INSERTS, NO MARY SUES/GARY STUS WHATEVER THE HELL YOU GUYS CALL THOSE FREAKS OF NATURE THINGS. There is such a thing called human error, but there's also something called a beta. We are not a beta-reading system, but feel free to ask any of the mods for help and tutorials.

3) Obviously, PJO fics only. If you have trouble with the acronym, I kindly suggest leaving the fandom.

4) Before you submit your fic to a mod, you need to make sure it's the absolute best it'll ever be.

5) No trolling. No spamming. No flaming. Any violations, and we'll set bald!Grover on you. XD.

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